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Edit is an excellent urban expert specialized in delivering cultural heritage, hospitality and tourism related expert work for both public and private clients. She is graduated from the University of Economics of Budapest and holding Master's Degree of Business Administration. Her academic background, state of the art methodological knowledge and practical experiences qualify her to providing expertise at a large scope of activities from strategic analysis, sectorial planning, market research and studies at national, regional or local level to design and implementation of complex tourism projects.

During her close to 20 years professional carrier Edit carried out major European TA assistance type of expert projects assigned by national authorities, like the “ongoing evaluation” of the Interreg Hungary-Serbia and Hungary-Croatia IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programmes 2007-2013, contribution to the elaboration of the  EEA and Norway Grants Mechanism 2009-2014, participation in the ex-ante evaluation of the Romania-Hungary Cross-border Cooperation Programme 2014-20, providing project evaluation tasks for various Hungarian regional development agencies in fields of her main interest like TDM capacity building and development, cultural heritage, medical and sport tourism etc.

Besides of programming, evaluation and monitoring tasks, she has got an impressive track record in coordinating of or contributing to larger tourism development projects including refurbishing historical sites, castles,  designing development concept for golf courses, regional eco, spa and heath tourism development programmes and projects as an experienced senior expert, team leader.


Tourism development strategy of city Baja

Client: Municipality of Baja

Tourism development strategy of the city Baja (market research, competitor-analysis, vision.development, positioning strategy,  strategy and action plan)

Pécs-European Capital of Culture 2010 Programme

Client: Municipality of Pécs

Cultural turism-development strategy and marketing plan of the city of Pécs, feasbility study for  the new concert hall linked to the Programme of European Capital of Culture – 2010 Pécs

National development strategy on bicycle tourism of Hungary

Client: Ministry of Local Government

Based on market research (questionnaire, in-depth interviews, workshops) and SWOT analysis, elaboration of a national strategy and action plan for the bicycle tourism in Hungary.

Sopron Region Touristic Centre Non-profit Ltd. as the local toursim destination management organisation

Client: Sopron Region Touristic Centre Non-profit Ltd.

Elaboration of project proposal and feasibility study for the development of the Sopron Region Touristic Centre, as the local tourism destination management organisation.

Development plan of the former horse-train station

Client: Municipality of the XII. District Budapest

Elaboration of the cultural heritage’s development concept and a project proposal for the call of the Norwegian Fund aiming at revitalizing the former horse-train station as a cultural and community place

Feasibility study for the rehabilitation of “Normafa” historic sport area - Flagship project of the Hungarian Government

Client: Municipality of the XII. District of Budapest

Elaboration of a feasibility study on how to refurbish one of the oldest historical sports area of Budapest to become a 21. century forest sport and welfare place.

Establishment of a common cycling tourist destination for an Iron Curtain divided border area

Client: Municipality of Zala County

Elaboration of application on a cycling development project composed of large infrastructure development and soft elements in the frame of the Interreg Slovenia-Hungary Cooperation Programme

Marketing strategy of St. Michael's Church and Sacristy House Sopron

Client: Sopron Municipality

Elaboration of marketing strategy and branding of the improved cultural and sacred tourism supply of St. Michael's Church and Sacristy House in Sopron

Regional tourism development plan of Ister Granum EGTC

Client: Ister Granum European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation

Development of Regional tourism development plan (incl. vision, segmentation and positioning strategy, integrated product development plan) for the Slovakian-Hungarian cross-border area managed by Ister Granum EGTC.

Development of barrier-free tourism in the Baja-Sombor cross-border area

Client: Municipality of Baja

Elaboration of project proposal aiming at developing barrier-free tourism in the Baja-Sombor region in order to ensure equal access to the area’s natural and cultural heritage-based tourism experience in the frame of Interreg IPA CBC Hungary-Serbia Cooperation Programme

Marketing strategy of Pan-European Picnic Memory Park Sopron

Client: Sopron Municipality

Elaboration of marketing plan aiming at the market launch and branding of the improved cultural tourism supply of Pan-European Picnic Memory Park in Sopron




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