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Geographer and urbanist by profession, ecologist and journalist by heart. Since 2009 I have been managing, developing and facilitating knowledge transfer projects across Europe in the field of urban regeneration, environmental protection, nature-based solutions, climate adaptation, cultural heritage and social innovation. I started my career with European cooperation projects working as a volunteer with gipsy youth in Spain and Hungary. I spent four years in the public sector, where first I co-designed the Regional Operational Programme’ ESF priority, then I built up a national network supporting employment partnerships and social economy actors. Since 2008 I have developed and successfully managed dozens of European territorial cooperation projects in various programmes. My main reference is the URBACT Programme focusing on integrated urban development where I designed 11 successful networks, while I was the Lead Expert of the CHANGE! – social design of public services and the “Come in! – Talking Houses / Shared Stories” networks. As the key expert of BURST I carried out thematic expert tasks related to nature-based solutions, environmental protection, nature conservation, urban biodiversity, climate adaptation and urban green infrastructure. My key strength is a broad scientific and holistic perspective. As a journalist focusing on solution journalism, I am also committed to spreading knowledge related to above fields, including ecology and mountaineering as well. This led me to found TeAM HUb – the Hungarian Nature-based Solutions Hub, to share knowledge and nudge people and communities towards a more sustainable and fair future.




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