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Petra studied architecture at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and has a degree in Urban Planning and Design. She has been working in urban design and development since 2013 and has gained significant experience on both local and governmental level. She fulfilled the position of the Hungarian representative of the URBACT Monitoring Committee for 2,5 years and contributed to the Hungarian policy aspect of the Smart City concept.

Having gained experience as a civil servant in the public sector, she joined the private sector and became a senior consultant and project manager of transnational EU funded projects. Over the past few years, she has developed expertise connected to projects focusing on innovation, running under the Urban Innovative Action Programme. She is proficient in facilitating cross-cultural collaboration, organizing and conducting international partner meetings and leading community building.

She is one of the founding members and co-president of the CoHousing Budapest Association. She has done theoretical and empirical research in the field of community-led housing over the past 10 years. She believes that community building is essential for cooperation, not only in housing but also in her day-to-day work, as cooperation is the key to a better future. So is the case with Future Proof Cities.

Moreover, Petra is also responsible for the management of overall company communication, including editing and writing the BURST Magazine and daily management of BURST social media platforms.


CO-HOUSING: Examples from Vienna and possibilities of community-led housing in Budapest

The Introduction, Promotion and Realisation of a Bottom-Up Collaborative Shared-Flat Network in Budapest

Fenntarthatóság a lakozásban - A lakásközösségek, mint többgenerációs háztartások

Habitable but Uninhabited




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