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Our international team is composed of senior experts with profound knowledge and hands on experience in multiple urban policy sectors. They are specialised in stimulating urban transformation processes in various areas:

HenGerritse_IMG yellow bg.jpg

Hen Gerritse

Innovative participatory and multi-level governance and management models linked to local economic development, creative industries, cultural heritage and demographic change in particular.

KonokEdit_IMG yellow bg.jpg

edit konok

Specialized in delivering cultural heritage, hospitality and tourism related expert work for both public and private clients.

Szuppinger_IMG yellow bg.jpg

Peter szuppinger

air quality, resource efficiency, waste and circular economy, industrial emissions, eco-innovation, sustainable consumption, green and innovative public procurement, climate change and energy

TadejZurman_IMG yellow bg.jpg


Sustainability, climate resilience and circular economy, green economy

TwanDeBruijn_IMG yellow bg.jpg

twan debruijn

Urban regeneration, smarter use and design of public open spaces to improve the quality of life and health of the citizens; FUA centred economic development for transition areas.

SzigetiFeri_IMG yellow bg.jpg

ferenc szigeti

Social innovation, youth empowerment, social business and investment, social value & impact, community resilience and promotion of smart methods for more efficient social services.

HoroghPetra_IMG yellow bg.jpg


Community-led housing, architecture, urban design and development, transnational EU funded project management, BURST Magazine

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